Please Note:
In the spirit of the Renaissance it is customary and traditional for Performers to “pass the hat” and accept tips for their performance!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paragon Jousting Team
~~ The Original Extreme Sport ~~
Knights in shining armor with gleaming swords gallop onto the field atop their massive warhorses.
A challenge is issued…..Knights put on helmets, take up shields, and the joust begins!

3 Pints Gone
The trio plays Celtic traditional-style folk songs and sea shanties. Their distinctive
sound is full of high energy and harmony-rich arrangements. They entertain by telling
stories through the songs, that leave the audience feeling like old friends.

Lord Archbishop Thomas Cranmer
On Sun. Aug. 24th only!, The Archbishop will preside over the Celebration of Faith at 1:30 PM in the Pavilion

The Brotherhood of Steel, Inc.
We are a Living History Group dedicated to preserving the ideals of Honor, Integrity and the way of a Knight’s Code through public education and demonstrations. We do this with performances of Live-Steel fighting and Living History tours that entertain and educate our audience about the days of Chivalry and the Honorable Warrior.

Dimitri the Mage
Magic tricks, fairy wands, performing ferrets and more!

Drunk & Sailor 
Perform drinking songs and sea shanties in a hilarious manner which encourages high levels of audience participation.

Duchess of the New World ~ Governess of Turtle Island

I am a Native Descent, a liaison/volunteer archaeologist with the Illiniwek Group in NE Missouri and a champion powwow dancer(Northern Plains Buckskin). I portray an Oglala woman, who made a place for herself in King Henry’s court in 2013. To show my gratitude to the King I am returning to the Festival to share new stories, sings and performing Powwow dances.

Good & Brave Productions ~~ Madrigal Singers

Gryphon Poursuivant Siege Encampment
Patrons will be able to walk-though an interactive historical set up of what a siege encampment looked like during the renaissance period. People can look/learn/taste spices and learn about cooking during the time period. You can also sit and play period board games with our game master or with a friend.

Minstrel Woode
Musical soloist playing bouzouki, hammer dulicmer guitar, harp, and herdy gerdy

Medieval puppet theatre, storytelling, magic, audience participation, games with prizes and much more.

Pickled Brothers Circus
The Pickled Brothers Circus has performed at the Illinois Renaissance Festival since 2010.  They bring their mix of comedy, fire eating, sword swallowing, juggling and bed of nails.  When they are not entertaining in Danville, they can be seen across the country or breaking world records.  They have broken several Guinness World Records.

Robbin Marks Magic 
Comedy and magic show which includes but not limited to…….A handcuff escape with audience participation, classic cups/balls routine and finally an adaptation of Houdini’s Metamorphosis.

Rusty Mudd
Plays the whistle(flute) and sings.

Scottish Highland Dance
Ancient style of Scottish Highland dance will be performed. She will explain each dance, its history and legend that surround it. Two of the best known of the dances are the Highland Fling and Sword. She will teach the steps of the fling at the end of each performance.

Serenity Farms Carriages
Carriage rides throughout the village.

Shattock Schoole of Defence 
A Shakespeare Comedy Act which includes combat and sword fighting. A swarthy group of ruffians who are constantly looking for crowds to entertain.

The Great Rondini is an Exciting and Engaging Escape Artist! He brings a New Flair to the Ancient Art of Escape, combining Amazing Skill, Humor and Audience Participation to create an unforgettable experience! Will he make it out this time? Come See and Cheer him on as he continues to defy the odds, and the physical limits of the human body!