Welcome everyone to merry old England! Step back in time, amidst the pageantry of the day, and explore our kingdom full of musicians, artisans, eateries, and knights. Test your skills as you attempt to walk across the rope bridge or hit the catapult target with a water balloon. Feast like a King on hearty food and drink. Shop and barter for fine handcrafted treasures in the bazaar, listen to the sounds of performers entertaining the villagers. 

Join us for a day of fun for the whole family!


Illinois Renaissance Festival

Location, Dates and Times To Be Announced

Admission Prices To Be Announced

General Admission (ages 16 and up)  

Seniors (ages 60 and up)                   

Students (ages 6 to 15)                     

Children (ages 10 and under Must be Accompanied by an Adult)

Military Personnel with Military ID Free


 FREE Parking!

 Please Note:

The following items are not allowed to be brought into the Village:

Black Powder Pistols, Pole-arms, Firearms, Bows & Arrows,

and all Steel weapons must be Sheathed and Peace-tied.

No Pets, food, alcohol, or beverages are allowed.


In the spirit of the Renaissance, it is customary and traditional for Performers
to “pass the hat” and accept tips for their performance.  This is optional.


For Information Contact Festival Director at:  illinirenfest@yahoo.com